Riding Lessons

Rising Star Equestrian Center offers lessons for students of all ages and experience levels. Our excellent staff has extensive experience working with riders and horses as a team, building confidence in order to improve skills. There is much to learn about Horsemanship. Riding is only one facet. We teach safety, care, anatomy along with grooming and riding. Whether you or your child are just starting out, or you are an experienced rider preparing for shows, we can help you meet your goals.

 Monthly plans allow for priority scheduling over pay as you go/per lesson riders. Monthly  riders will get to choose same day and time for the entire session. Per lesson riders may not always have the same day and time. 

Boarder Monthly Package  (1 lesson/week)

  • Group $140
  • Private $180

Boarder Monthly Package  (2 lessons/week)

  • Group $260
  • Private $340

Non-Boarder Monthly Package (1 lesson Week)

  • Group $160
  • Private $200

Non-Boarder Monthly Package (2 lessons Week)

  • Group $300
  • Private $380

Per Lesson/ Pay as you go        

  • Group $45
  • Private $55